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Saturn: Technical features

Saturn: Technical features

First In First Out reservoir system

Saturn is the new member of the ITM Rod Handling family. It is a tray-free buffering system enabling smooth handling of the product from the upstream to the downstream machine. The main characteristic is that the first rod coming in is also the first one to come out - this is the rod handling principle of which ITM is recognized for many years and it has been now successfully implemented into the new solution.

Full Flexibility

An easy adaptation of a full range of products during the production process without any parts change means the maximum flexibility. Saturn has been created in the way to provide super flexibility for instance applying a specially designed aligning unit. Saturn also can work with any type of upstream and downstream machines available on the market. This is a perfect solution both for the new configuration and for one to one replacement of the existing rod handling systems.

Modular and transparent design

The Saturn has been specially designed to enable quick and easy installation and to offer customers the option to customize the capacity of the machine if required. 
This is a user-friendly machine, with a transparent and smart design, which allows continuous monitoring of the rods during the transportation process.

Economic in all aspects

The Saturn has been designed with the future trends in mind. It saves the time during the installation, it requires minimum operation and it guarantees the lowest maintenance costs ever. 
The application of the latest and the most energy efficient servo driven technology ensures minimum power consumption. All of this gives long term savings, which is another important advantage, especially for the Energy Saving Program implementation.

Technical data

Speed Up to 12,000 rods per minute
Total Capacity up to 120 000 rods
Rod length 60 - 150 mm
Rod diameter Any available on the market
Power consumption 1kVA