Improved SATURN - fits to your needs!

The improved FIFO Technology

Saturn is the tray – free buffering system that meets not only requirements of limited space, maintaining high product quality and production cost optimization, but subtle new changes bring even further benefits.

Fits just there!

Ideal solution for different configurations

Saturn is the excellent solution for limited space and demanding production lines. Its ergonomic layout giving a perfect alternative for the market offering simplicity yet maintaining full control of the production process.

Long term benefits

Low cost of ownership

Saturn performance and uptime is maximized in the production environment. No consumable parts and minimal preventative maintenance extend the machine lifetime and reduce production costs’

Energy Efficient

Think green

Another advantage for your company energy savings program. Saturn applies the latest and the most energy efficient servo driven technology. It means less power consumption and reduced carbon footprint’

Truly modular

Customize your capacity

Saturn has been specially designed to enable fast capacity conversion to suit your changing requirement. Installation from beginning to end is quick, the shortest guaranteed’


Fully automatic system

The ITM FIFO reservoir ensures full product track and trace irrespective of time and production speed. Automatic election/rejection of product is possible at the touch of a button regardless of which part of the machine or mass flow the choice is located.

Brand change

Fast & easy conversions

Brand changes are simple yet safe ensuring no contamination across brands. Even a different product size can be accommodated automatically thanks to the automated function requiring no exchange parts

Cleaning & Operation

Semi-Automatic; minimal operator involvement

Full flexibility, shortened installation times, simple and safe operation, no dedicated operator required and easy access from the floor level are important characteristics of the ITM reservoir.

Product MIX

Dedicated to different types of tobacco and filter products

Saturn is fully enclosed restricting the release of flavors and is perfect for these challenging products. The machine is constructed from proven, high quality components that are resistant to the ingredients of tobacco additives including clove oil.

Technical features

Technical features