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Capricorn: Technical features

World proven FIFO technology

Capricorn: Technical features

First In First Out reservoir system

The Capricorn is a tray-free buffering system enabling smooth logistic handling of the product from the upstream to the downstream machines. The characteristic feature is that the First rod coming In is also the First one to come Out (FIFO), which guarantees to keep the quality of the cigarettes and curing time while filter rods are transported.

Full Flexibility

An easy adaptation of a full range of products (up to 150mm) during the production process without any parts change gives the maximum flexibility for our customers. Automatic size-change is now easier than ever before. Servo driven technology, which automatically adjusts the system speed to any product diameters, completes the SuperFlex solution.

Latest technology

The Capricorn has been updated to the latest technology in order to give even more satisfaction to our customers. Specially designed linear guides with the extended lifetime give long term savings and minimize the maintenance frequency. Touch-friendly interface with a new design, live applications and advanced help make the machine’s operation very easy and user-friendly. A new taskbar, clear commends and animations are only a few of the new features which make the communication between machine and operator nice and simple.


The Capricorn is one of the most reliable FIFO reservoir systems on the market. An optimal buffering time while keeping the highest quality of the rods can be guaranteed. A transparent and simple design of the Capricorn allows continuous monitoring and sampling options during the transportation (with automatic rod portion rejection). Minimum manual operation, full flexibility, readiness to work with any type of upstream and downstream machine and a long experience in the field make the Capricorn the master of Rod Handling.

Technical data

Maximum speed Up to 23 000 rpm
Operation capacity Up to 275 000 rods (for product diameter 7,8 mm)
Rod length 70 - 150 mm
Control system Siemens or Beckhoff